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Touhou 12!

2009-08-19 05:52:41 by causeifeellikeit

God damn this is a great game. Stage 4 music is just awful though, honestly, what was Zun thinking? Also Nue Houjuu is kicking my ass. I hate the UFO gimmick. Honestly, this is a curtain fire game and you expectre me to go grab these UFO's that a bouncing around everywhere? Fuck that.

Working on a new touhou remix.

2009-08-01 18:57:22 by causeifeellikeit

It's gonna be History of the Moon again, but it's gonna be done a lot better. Going for more of a trance/techno feel to it instead of piano. Also, T-Blade is also going to be working on it with me. Go check him out, he's here on Newgrounds.

Been working on it for a while, I hope you guys enjoy. Also. how have you guys been? <3

Hi all

2009-06-14 18:46:48 by causeifeellikeit

Hello everyone.


2009-05-18 18:36:36 by causeifeellikeit

Taken for Power of Three.

Power of Three?

2009-05-17 20:58:50 by causeifeellikeit

Musician looking for members. I specialize in classic and all that. If anyone needs a musician hit me up. =D


2009-04-22 15:32:04 by causeifeellikeit

Entered a create your own genre contest here on Newgrounds. Submitted Classical Kickstyle, wish me luck.


2009-04-18 22:18:29 by causeifeellikeit

I took down my IceCap remix. I did this because I realized it needed some work, give me a few days and it'll be back up.

Been busy

2009-04-06 01:47:05 by causeifeellikeit

I hate having a life D:<


2009-02-17 17:14:52 by causeifeellikeit

I think I'm gonna start doing some simple touhou remixes. Simple as in trying to keep the basic feel of the original song just adding in some of my own style. Well, I think it's a good idea. :)